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High Plains Oncology

  Hobbs' only Radiation Oncology Treatment Center  

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Radiation Oncology is a treatment form that uses radiation to treat malignant (and a few select non-malignant) medical conditions. It is the use of high-energy radiation beams to pinpoint and destroy cancerous cells in a patient’s body. Plainly, radiation therapy is similar to having a x-ray taken; however, the dose of radiation in cancer treatment is stronger (of higher energy) and is given over a longer period of time.

High Plains Oncology is a team of clinical and technical personnel, which in concert plan each patient’s individual treatment. Through careful localization and planning, radiation can be directed to the cancerous cells and away from healthy tissues, thus allowing for treatment to be conforming to the patient’s tumor, or diseased area. This flexibility allows for more effective and precise treatment, increasing radiation to the tumor and decreasing radiation to the patient’s normal tissues.

Different types of cancer will react to radiation in different ways, so treatment will vary depending on the type and stage of cancer. A highly trained team staffs High Plains Oncology. The Radiation Oncologists work closely with the radiation therapist, registered nurse, physicists, IT staff, and dosimetrist. High Plains Oncology utilizes IMPAC's Mosiaq system to record and verify all treatments. This double-checking mechanism assures consistent and accurate treatment of all patients treated at the facility.

High Plains Oncology has one linear accelerator in use, a Varian Clinac 2100 C. This machine is a “state-of-the-art” linear accelerator, which allow precise radiation delivery. In conjunction with conventional external beam treatment, we offer Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). IMRT is a radiation modality that tailors a high dose to the target tumor while restricting the dosage to the surrounding sensitive structures. Rather than being treated with a single, large uniformed beam, the patient is treated instead with many very small beams; each can have a different intensity. By cross firing the tumor with multiple pencil sized beams, the device can deliver a uniformed radiation dose to the tumor while protecting surrounding sensitive tissue from high-dose radiation.


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